Hi, I create ideas for online and offline campaigns.

“Wait,that’s it?” you may be wondering, “Thanks for the specific bio”.
Well if you want more details ….
I am a self proclaimed queen of innovation enjoying packaging design, creative marketing, illustration maker, coffee addict, anime freak, weird interests that reflect into my work(pirates, vikings, mythology, steampunk, native American, etc…), pop art fanatic, tumblr like color palette, internet nut, colorful, exiting, fresh, classy, rebellious, student, artist, animator, undertale player, music lover.
I can make basic character design, basic animations, professional packages and flyers/leaflets, interactive ideas, surreal paintings.
Advanced skills in : InDesign, Illustrator
Basic skills in: Animate/Flash, Photoshop, Krita, Alpaca, Gimp.

(Sorry for the potato quality, I had to convert the pdf…it turned out like this…but you can see it in HD here)



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