Tate Galley

Every year we visit Tate Gallery situated in central London in order to inspire us. But the Gallery is rather big so we get lost easily and probably miss parts that would interest us so we were asked to make a guide for students.

Students… Aren’t very into reading and checking places so I decided into something more interactive :

  • Playing Cards with different Art expositions on them
  • Truth or Dare cards :  each truth or dare is related to the images on the playing cards, but I didn’t made any instructions because they are walls of boring text and I want to see what the students come up with
  • Cards Against Humanity with the white cards as names of art pieces or artists found in the gallery
  • Square Circular Pop Up Card with exhibitions with removable images and notes about the exhibition within small envelops
  • Rubik’s Cube
  • Waterfall Cards with Performances, Talks & Lectures
  • A film like card with films shown at the gallery, dates and info
  • Main Exhibitions and locations scrap book
  • Shutter Card with places where you can eat