Digital Painting

Day 1: Well I just got my hands on the program called Gimp and decided to give digital paining a go… The main idea was drawing the Grim Reaper sailing his both on a foggy, cloudy sea…

I can barely sketch on paper… I don’t know why I had so many expectations of doing this awesome the first time I try this…

grim reapper.png

I should learn how to use shades and lights… Oh well guess it’s time to go back and practice the basics…

Day 2 : I kept on seeing YouTubers using this program and since I needed to practice…sketching, inking, coloring and shading (basically everything!!!)

So I opened FireAlpaca and I ended up with either a Self-Portrait or an OC :

Self portrait with and without defining lines :

Original Character :

toxic candy.png

Toxic Candy : A Scientist with a sweet tooth passionate about poisons and radioactive radiation effects over any living or … “passed out” organism

Or… maybe just an OC ?

toxic candy 1.jpg

She might as well have some super powers ? Hmmm… I shall see…

Day 3 : Howdy you beautiful bastards reading my blog!

I have to say I love this program big time!!!!  (FireAlpaca) It is incredibly easy to use and just perfect for what I’m doing!!!

Okay I have a big problem with basics such as shading n stuff….but I can’t practice them at all… I don’t know , I’m just not motivated enough for that but I was looking for a challenge since that is the easiest way to practice more or less everything by drawing stuff over and over again until you are pleased with the result.

During my search I found this website called character design references and each month they have a theme and the winner wins different stuff such as : kits, art books, digital brushes, novels and so on. This month theme is : HIPPIE. So… I may not be the best ever and I doubt I will win but I still drew a sticker hippie girl.

Quick note : The way I made the hair is by taking a selfie and then tracing my hair which means that my hair looks more or less like that XD

Buuut the only way to participate is to be a supporter which basically is like an entry fee for which I don’t have money… But I still follow them just because of the themes! It is an interesting way to push your boundaries and try something new.

Welp I hope you have an awesome day! Cya!