Malala Animation

Animating IS HARD!!! Okay so we had to make animations… I love my anime and I always wanted to try to do animations, I thought it’s not that hard I mean you just draw something a couple of times and BAM! It moves!!! I have never been so wrong about it!!!!

8 weeks from which I’ve spent about just to learn how to use the program and basic animate and then creating the story, background, animate the background, create the character, animate the character, choose the colour pallet…. This is too much for just one person!!!! But I nailed it!!! And right before the deadline! That was a closed call!

Well at first I started making my way with stick-men :

And then … supposed to be working but actually not feeling up to it… I just ended up messing around with one of my classmates :

Okay let’s be serious about this!!!! How do you animate someone walking?

Okay!!! Let’s see what we’ve got!!!!

Okay I know… It’s not the best animation ever…but hey I did almost everything alone ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ except for finding the quotes and music…in 8 weeks…from 0…so…you gotta give me some credit right ?