When boredom strikes you start doodling, drawing or work on something personal:

Digital :

I love steampunk a lot it’s a lovely and pleasing style so I tried making myself a steampunk avatar :


Trying to draw digitally… It’s hard!!!!


Well this one was more like tracing … and don’t ask what’s wrong with the eyes… I don’t know…

I learned drawing this parabolic curve stuff a while ago I used to fill pages with those stuff and now that I discovered Illustrator I gave it a go :

a4425f41645025.57adfba5f2fe0 (1).jpg

Sketches :

This will eventually become a “Black Pearl” sticker…eventuallyIMG_5136.JPG

Just random drawings of people being fake and wearing masks trying to ptocrastinate working on the animation…

The Yggdrasil tree


Charcoal Portrait Experiment (BTW he doesn’t look that handsome in real life)


Remember the parabolic curve from above?