18 Days Drawing Challange

As a homework our teacher gave us a 18 days challenge which… I avoided for the whole winter holiday and did it on the Sunday before college started again…

Day 1 : Self portrait (I’m not that fat and my nose isn’t that big irl XD)

Andreea Neagu ~ Marker self portrait.jpg

Day 2 : Fear … or something like that I can’t remember the exact name


Day 3 : bicycle 3.jpg

Day 4 : a building


Day 5 : I am so disappointed with this one I’m not even going to show…

Day 6 : Things that remind you of love


Day 7 : Flowers


Day 8 : Things that keep you awake at night (My favourite sketch, I don’t remember the last time a sketch actually looked good)


Day 9 : Monsters (Keep in mind I was living in a share house and there was this little girl shouting at 6-7 AM @_@)


Let’s skip what isn’t worth mentioning

Day 15 : Things that start with A and Z… (I din’t realized I had to mix those stuff…)


Let’s skip one more and move to day 17 : insects


Day 18 : You fly, what do you see? (Is this supposed to be a personality test?)


And I don’t know which number : Draw your relatives

Andreea relatives.jpeg